Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Cleansing Cloth You Deserve

I went into the Body Shop recently (really too regularly actually) to find "a couple" of things, walked out with this Luxury Flannel Facial Washcloth which was recommended by an employee. It was one of my freebies from their buy three, get two free so I wasn't really bummed at the fact that I knew this was white, and that it was going to stain! I went home, pondered at it's strange spongy material and tried it out, after using it I though I was going to end up chucking it into the trash BUT after quick rinse and ring out it was perfectly white and like new again, see before and after photos above. I was really quite shocked! This is a super soft material and really great at wiping away cleansing oils and balms. I also like to use it to heat my face with warm water before a face mask. This is $6.50 and a bargain indeed, I'm definitely going to stock up.

After use, I like to wash it out with a gentle facial wash and then hang dry it. It dries really strange, imagine money gone through the washer and dryer, it becomes really stiff and hard, and quite ugly, but it's really amazing and I've finally found my holy grail facial cloth.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Pop of Purple FOTD ft. UD Electric Palette

Quick face of the day post, I used shades Jilted and Urban from the palette to create the purple on my lower lash line, I added the ELF Natural Lashes which are actually quite nice for just a dollar, and on my lips is Wet n' Wild Bare It All. Hope you're all enjoying the sun and keeping your skin safe!


So just to let you all know, this post is long overdue, it has been sitting in my archives FOREVER! I felt I needed to get it out of my drafts, though I'm sure there are now a million similar posts. I was so excited when I saw the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser, 50% due to the packaging, and 50% due to pondering if it was a dupe for Benefit's Porefessional. Now firstly, the packaging is very similar; squeeze tubes, twist cap, and light blue! Almost containing the same amount of product; Baby Skin at 20ml, while the Porefessional holds 22ml. Now lets compare some other things.

Baby Skin costs around $6.99 USD while the Porefessional costs a pocket burning $31 USD. Both are excellent in terms of dealing with pores, Baby Skin is a clear gel formula that blurs pores without clogging them, while the Porefessional is a light skin tone (though translucent on skin), oil free formula that fills your pores. It personally freaks me out knowing that something is filling my pores so the blur technology in Baby Skin is quite nice. Each are very true to their claims, Baby Skin noticeably blurs my pores but it's quite thick and not as easy to smooth over skin, though once it's worked in, it feels very similar to Porefessional under makeup. An issue i've had with the Porefessional was the scent, it's very fragrant and has caused problems with my skin, while Baby Skin is fragrance-free. These both lasted throughout the day on my oily skin.

All in all, Maybelline's Baby Skin Pore Eraser isn't a dupe but it does what I need it to do to replace my Porefessional, it blurs my pores to create a smooth canvas, and I'd rather it do that then fill them. I've heard mixed review on this, some hate it, most hate it, I love it. Baby Skin doesn't claim to be a primer, and it doesn't claim to control oil, so don't expect that if you decide to purchase this. If you're just looking for an affordable pore solution, go with Baby Skin. If you need oil control along with a pore solution, then go for the Benefit Porefessional.